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    Mac Tonnies passes away

    Condolences. What a tragic loss. Heard him last on Coast. He set the bar high with intellect and a way of expressing a point of view matched by few.
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    Question about a previous episode

    Try Alexandra Holzer. You had the last name spelled wrong.
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    I Know What I Saw

    Perhaps "Jonny UFo" doesn't care what "Jo Public" thinks cause "Jonny UFo" knows what he saw. You hear this from experiencers often...."I know what I saw...I don't care what other people think". In fact I think its a waste of time trying to convince people one way or the other. The film...
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    Paranormal Activity

    Yea its real its up at the Paramount site.
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    Whose house is this? Amazing!

    Looks like an area in the online MMO "Runes of Magic". Played a bunch of these when I was out work. Yes .."when"...whoooo! :)
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    South American Alien Corpse

    Only 2 photo's? One of the head and part of the upper torso and and a "nice" image of the clawed hand. I must aggree with the looks like clay hypothesis. And why only 2 pix? With the proliferation of "I can produce the best hoax" phenomenon on youtube nowadays I'd have to take Carl Sagan's...
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    Yea I've had my experiences at the baut forum. Many fanatics over there with Phil Plait being the lead fanatic. As far as I'm concerned the going philosophy over there is ...We have learned all there is to learn so don't bother us with anything new.
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    The spookiest spots in Britain revealed

    Lionel Fanthorpe has to be one the greatest story tellers I've ever heard. Don't mean that in a negative way. I've heard him a few times on Coast and he can weave a good tale and make it quite entertaining and fun.
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    Paranormal Activity

    New low budget "Blair Witch like" film. I'll go see it if it comes to my area.
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    Mac Tonnies on Coast to Coast

    Yes you are mistake. Had the nights mixed up. Greg Bishop called in the night before and said hi to Christopher O'Brien bad. :o
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    Mac Tonnies on Coast to Coast

    Greg Bishop actually said Hi to Mac Tonnies, identified himself and greetings were exchanged. It was Noory who didn't know who he was.
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    10 observations

    Good observations. I like number 7...:D "People who have found the truth are less interesting than those who are looking for it." This is a pretty good quote..thanks.
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    Neil Tyson talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance.

    A "UFO" sighting must be an extremely rare event. So its not surprising astronomers haven't seen anything. One could go outside every clear evening for a lifetime and look up for hours and never see anything anomalous. And another person could just take a quick glance up and see something...
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    Neil Tyson talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance.

    I like Neal Tyson,read a few of his books and have watched his TV shows. Yes he does have a PHD and is Dir of the Hayden Planetarium among other creds. I would rate him as a moderate among skeptical scientist's who wade into the UFO debate. I think he's quite open to the possibility even...
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    Paul Craig article intersesting

    Found this article by Paul Craig over at ATS. Found it very's the link and a small portion of the article. """What I find puzzling is the people I know who do not believe a word the government says about anything...