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    Do one forget previous lives, like a 25yrs old cant remember his baby years?

    <tbody> <tbody> My question concerns the continuation of the current memory of that exact moment. If I die today today and reincarnate tomorrow, are memories are preserved ..? issues; 1. How many of us can clearly remember that one did four days ago? At most glimspes, or do you get movie...
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    History of narcistic Gods, annunaki, jezus & other so-called 'gods'

    I wanna give you my take on the Christian "God", Annunaki and Ego. The christian God is a narcist. It is a individual who knew/know the benfits of faith healing, using it to its own advantage. It my theory, and hope to get some opnions from members on this forum. Has anyone know the purpose...
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    We've been on this planet for <=10,000 years

    Anyone interested in this forum & podcast will maybe have thought about how old civilization are? I figure that current human civilization started <=7,000 years ago. maybe even less. Why? My guess is that Ancient civs didnt use much natural earth ore resources, or they didnt have the tech, or...
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    Poltergeist' perception of time?

    Do aliens exist, UFos, crop circles..? :P *IF* poltergeists does exist, then... what is their perception of time in the ´realtime zone´ aka curent date-time as we perceive it..?
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    Poltergeist' perception of time?

    I'm just wondering wheather ghosts, or non physical entities have any perception of time? From reading books about Astral Projection like those of Robert Monroe, it seems that time ´there´ is different than our time. Robert Monroe could often experience an 3 hours event ´there´ which lasted...
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    Economic chaos + disclosure, perfect timing

    A thought struck me. When is the most sensible timing for disclosure? Right about now? Many oldstyle businesses will go bankrupt, religiouns will burn,eunemployment at its depth etc etc. So, why not dislosure when we are at the bottom of economic spiral? In time the wolrd will reorganise into...
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    Where is he, this evolved human?

    Just wonderin', what;s your definition of the most highly eveolved living human being alive in this world? We have >6billion ppl living on this planet. I am sure at least ONE of them is a jezus-like figure, who can * walk through walls in his physical body, * who can cure sick/ill people by...
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    If thoughts createdd, then you too can be god

    Just now a thought struck me. Everyone alive here on earth has a potential to be God, to create a planet and own universe.. :rolleyes: It's said that the universe/big bang was created by a thought. On a small scale, its said that we earth dwellers create our own individual realitys by thought...
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    Timetravel practical experiment involving Regression Hyponosis

    Where / how did the idea of blackholes get its origin? I'm kunda sure that somehow leading scientists got those information either telepathically, or experienced it in a dreamstate or whatever like a "paranormal" kinda thing. Imagine if u can do selfregression, talk to yourself in 2500yrs ago...
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    Timetravel practical experiment involving Regression Hyponosis

    Oke, guys, call me crazy if u want but has anyone tried obtaining physical proof of time travel involving Regression Hypnosis? I'd like to try an experiment, the basicis involves: 1. Regression hypnotist 2. An individual (lets call him "A") to regress <>200yrs into his past (lifetime). His...
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    2012 = Mayan Calendar + biblical armageddon

    I just wanna throw this out onto the forum. Dunnow what Theparacast will do with my conclusions but.. IAfter having read Robert Monroe' Far Journeys, Dolores Cannon' - Keepers of the Garden, and knowing the Bible i came to my own cocnlusion that The End is Near :eek:. We re all doomed :P My...
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    The Business Analyst Podcast Episode 13: Scrumming with Özgen Güngör

    Hoi Guys!! I use this oppertunity to promote my own podcast. DOWNLOADEN === After a few weeks of silence a new episode! Scrumming with Özgen Güngör...
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    Jim Sparks

    I read the book 6months ago, and just listened to the interview you recorded >2,5yrs ago. It seems to me there were 2 main things in his book: 1. We humans are screweing up the planet. 2. He is being taught a alien writing. Whats the purpose of learning him that alien writing? Has he...
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    Russian mars & moon recon fotos?

    I suppose you guys dont buy into theories of (former) colonies & structures on the moon, marsbases etc etc? Just wonderin' whats known about the Russian space explorations.. back in the coldwar era they used to launch many science satellites & probes to both mars, the moon. Much of what we...
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    UFOs: How would you convince someone in one sentence?

    Your average citizen couldn't care less. Qhy would they wanna know about it?