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    This Forum is For Your Experiences

    Sorry, I completely missed the date -- I assumed it was current. Looked at a sky chart for March 2011 and no Venus, so there goes that idea. There were some other bright stars that would be visible after sunset and sink below the horizon later in the evening, but if Myself is sure that's not...
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    This Forum is For Your Experiences

    All the lights look out of focus, and I don't know the time/direction, but I have to ask: Venus? Currently it's in the western sky after sunset but sinks below the horizon later in the evening. I hate to suggest it because it's like the generic skeptic answer for every UFO sighting but it was...
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    This Forum is For Your Experiences

    I too lean toward the "deja vu" explanation. From what you say it's more like you have the sense of having gone through that part of your life before rather than e.g. waking up one morning and being back in high school. On a personal note, I'd almost envy someone who COULD live their life over...
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    March 18, 2012 — Curt Sutherly

    I'm not quite as impressed as others here. It sounded like Sutherly hadn't prepared all that well for the interview, and his mispronunciation of some place names in Washington makes me think he did his research from a distance. That said, the story about Arnold and Maury Island is interesting...
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    How many of you actually think something special is going to happen 2012?

    I always thought "Fitzcarraldo" was the most accessible Werner Herzog movie.
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    Awake but Stuck/Paralyzed

    I've had a few episodes of sleep paralysis, the first when I was a teenager more than 40 years ago. I never had a sense of any kind of presence or anything though, just of being vaguely aware of my bedroom and not able to move. When it first happened I remembered reading that the body is...
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    seal team deaths 8/06/11

    In some periods the knight on his horse, the cavalryman in his tank, the SEAL in his helicopter are invulnerable. But we now are in a time when a peasant with a bow, a guerrilla with a bomb, or an insurgent with a rocket has the upper hand. No big mystery.
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    Wandering a little OT, the left opposed LBJ before it opposed Nixon. And the alienation of the Left from the Democratic Party (essentially leaving the Left in the political wilderness) is part of the reason overall politics in the U.S. has drifted so far to the right in the last 30 years. That...
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    "I'm old enough to remember the life and times of Richard Nixon". Me too. But he was doing things to undermine the constitution that were far more serious than anything Obama is accused of doing (by the birthers anyway -- ask some leftists what they think). It's sad that in terms of policy...
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    What's sobering (actually maddening) is that people are still beating this dead horse. And I'm not even an Obama fan. We need a president who's really as far left has all the birther nuts say he is. Instead we have one who's more conservative than Nixon. He's done very little that's much...
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    For Christ's sake give it up already. If you can't handle the fact that Obama is the legitimate (however wrong-headed) President of the United States, move to Guatemala.
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    Conspiracy Theorists Aren't Crazy

    Conspiracy theories are twisted, occult versions of things that are happening in real life. "Mark of the Beast" without which you can't do business? Try renting a car or a hotel room without major credit, even if you have the cash. Bilderberg Group taking over the world? People like them have...
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    Philip J. Imbrogno withdrawing from paranormal research!

    Hopefully he'll make a statement of his own. It seems odd -- a writer can withdraw from a subject by simply not writing about it anymore. No need to burn bridges.
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    Who is a scientist?

    Obviously if there is a God with the capabilities we usually ascribe to "Him" (Her/It/Them) "He" could devise a universe that "naturally" produces the results that He wants (whatever they are). In that sense the universe would have a purpose. But that is entirely a matter of faith. From a...
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    Who is a scientist?

    Newton's theory of gravity proposed that a single force could account for both the behavior of objects near the ground and the motions of the planets. These had previously been thought of as disparate phenomena. As Newton put it: “I deduced that the forces which keep the planets in their orbs...