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    Journeys out of the Body!!

    Thanks for the advice, Cosmic...I tried again last night and used that technique. It felt a little better, but the excitement and anticipation is what I need to take control over...there really isn't any fear
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    Who says young people aren't interested??!!

    I have to agree...mention anything like UFOs or Astral Projection or things of that nature a hundred years ago and you would've been the laughing stock loon of the town....and if you go even further back you'd probably be accused of witchcraft and have yourself hanged and disemboweled....:eek:
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    Journeys out of the Body!!

    I TOTALLY know what you mean!! I've been trying to get past this state for months with no heart beats so fast....
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    Shadows Moving...

    Alright, last night I was trying to fall asleep. I have this technique that I do when I can't get to sleep to try and help. What I do is close my eyes and breathe deeply and relax everything, almost like I'm getting ready to astral project (if anybody's familiar with that term) but then I...
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    'Creepy gnome' terrorises town

    So was the gnome actually terrorising people or just being creepy and walking weird? It does look very strange and I would definitely be freaked out by it :eek: (by the way this is my first post, glad to be part of the community)