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    How many of you actually think something special is going to happen 2012?

    It really doesn't matter what the Maya of old did or didn't predict: why does anyone assume they had the faintest idea what's going to happen? They were after all just a bunch of people, as clueless as the rest of us, innocently going about their business growing crops, raising families...
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    In Memoriam: Budd Hopkins

    I'll certainly keep it more civil than a certain co-host did when he decided his dislike of "Emma Woods" justified slagging off an entire country with sheep jokes, but I digress... Budd Hopkins was an obviously sincere individual who was genuinely trying to help people. I disagree with both his...
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    Questions for Robert Hastings

    OK I know I said I was going to shut up and not comment any more, but this one's too interesting. UFOs appearing over nuclear installations and apparently sometimes interfering with ordinance are to my mind a truly fascinating aspect of the problem, because we have something that is clearly not...
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    Enough with the crystal skulls already/ June 27

    Enough with the crystal skulls already If we had some input from those who haven't made the willing suspension of disbelief into a way of life, then it might be worth pursuing the subject, but we haven't and I'm pretty sure we won't. Still, I have to thank Gene and Chris for providing a link to...
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    What reason did you choose your name for?

    I just use my name. Because what could possibly be cooler?
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    Crystal Skulls - May 3oth 2011

    Important note: Exercising your critical faculties is not the same as debunking. The crystal skulls are a neat idea but one that's sadly built on nothing much of anything. Joshua seems to think his subjective experiences constitute evidence of some kind. He is mistaken. Advice for everyone...
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    Stanton Friedman - Show

    Um, no. There is no scam, it has been established beyond reasonable doubt by the overwhelming majority of scientists who actually work in this field, as opposed to people who used to be scientists in an unrelated field and now trot around reciting the same tired schtick to anyone who'll listen...
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    Did Ancient Egyptians Possess Advanced Technologies?

    This is tired old territory to be rehashing. Technologies do not exist in isolation, they are influenced by and influence the broader material culture in which they are used.So to take a deliberately absurd example, you would not expect to find a society going to war with tanks, helicopters...
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    Hawkeye Pierce Autopsies an Alien

    Good job. My only quibble is the repetition of the fallacy that Occam's Razor says the simplest explanation is usually the correct one: what it actually says is that entities are not to be divided without necessity - which implies for instance that if something can be explained perfectly well by...
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    Dr Brandenburg Show

    It was definitely one of the most interesting and useful shows we've had recently. I actually would've liked to hear him talk more about Mars, since he had a lot of interesting things to say on the subject - whereas the UFO issue is one where everyone is equally in the dark so anything anybody...
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    May Peace Reign - 2011

    A good start would be for civilised nations to put war in perspective and resist the corrupting seduction of militarism -to that end I recommend this speech of Faramir from The Two Towers (by J.R.R. Tolkien of course): "War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour...
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    Omg mib bs lmaorof

    That'd be one case that differs from the ones where Bill Moore knew exactly what the truth was because he was the one doing the lying... It's so frustrating that Moore permanently muddied the pool (and probably poisoned the well) and destroyed his own credibility, because aside from the other...
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    October 31 - Adam Gorightly

    First off, my apologies if there's another thread on this episode - I couldn't find one. From my point of view that episode was a sad waste of time - we didn't even get any mildly entertaining credulous lunacy. Just dementia. I totally missed the part where he said anything more interesting...
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    Like Sex with your Rock&Roll??

    I'll do the honours: Stomp Stompy stomp-stomp stomp. STOMP