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    Contact Stories Podcast

    Yes, know Alex. Rey’s out there- though it seems less lately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Contact Stories Podcast

    I got the greenlight from Gene and Randall to post a link to a show we're beta testing for a possible to pitch to our network. The show's called, "The Other One." It's a movie-like podcast that deep dives true contact stories. We do music-centric docudramas - episodes clock in around 20...
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    What can we do to support valid UFO research?

    Personally, I think it takes more than merely dumping money on equipment that will accumulate hard data. From what I can see, 'hard' data is just as fallible as 'soft' data, as it boils down to who's doing the framing and reframing. The real issue lies in penetrating the veil of uncertainty that...
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    BREAKING NEWS - URGENT The scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.

    Umm, yeah Greer. Unfortunately it takes a leap of faith just to consider anything this man has to offer. And that in itself is disconcerting.
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    Interesting Alien Dreams of 2011

    I haven't read too much of Dr. Aizenstat's work, however it appears as if he's adding his own personal twist to the Active Imagination process, a concept of Jung's and a depth psychology staple, which isn't all that uncommon amongst dream workers. If you're interested in getting a closer look...
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    Interesting Alien Dreams of 2011

    As a person who actively uses and encourages dream analysis in my work, I'll just pass along a few quick observations. These are just a few superficial observations which are by no means meant to explain away your experiences or perspective. How you feel is very important in your situation...
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    ‘Remote viewers’ in Nevada help solve California murder

    I get a kick out observing how our reactions to the "fringe" just forges our stuckness. It's truly divine comedy.
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    Famous Belgian UFO Photo A Fake

    To me this proves how perfectly useless photo analysis is, scientific or otherwise. To be safe, I'm chucking them in the same basket as Phrenologists and Water Dousers.
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    Abductee Research -Accounting for Psychosis

    I would agree with the later statement, and certainly the founders (Freud and Young) of the modern psychiatric and psychology movements would as well. However brain-based theories might not, although I think you see a general trend to revisit and find room for these approaches in current...
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    floating blue orb

    ...Sounds like you could benefit from a read of Spiritual Emergency, by Dr. Stanislav Grof. He has long been finding cross-cultural similarities in transformational psychological processes; your experience closely resembling what's referred to as Kundalini Awakening in Hindu cultures, an...
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    Abductee Research -Accounting for Psychosis

    Right now there seems to be a running bias in the scientific camp that pathology ultimately underlies all paranormal phenomenon, which of course leads to a tidy dismissal of troublesome abductee and contactee accounts, and all things inexplicable inbetween. I think it's overzealous to make this...
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    Hi all ...

    Perhaps it's me, but I really was having a hard time making heads or tails of this concept behind this thread. Superwave. Yes, I get that, and this seems a redux of a popular New Age transformation theme, i.e. see the musings of Laura Knight Jadczyk. But beyond the prose, multiple free...
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    is this true?

    One possible reason this drug is getting zero traction could be related to the fact that this is not a new drug. Fact is any Tom, Dick, or Harry can jog down to his local apothecary and drum up a dose for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately for major pharmaceutical companies, this means that...
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    Questions for Thomas Fusco

    This seems curious, if not paradoxical. Explaining supernatural phenomenon in the language of mathmatics, however all based upon material channeled via biblical prophets. Deep, deep, murky water.... I'm taking a pass on this one.