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    Television Show - Extreme Paranormal

    i laughed when read this. Yeah i watched the first episode. What I want to know is where do these guys come from? Are they members on any forums? Do they have a background? And lastly why the fuck do this shit...
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    Project Hamalot.

    The real problem I have with this Project Camelot gang is that they all dress like shite. For Gods sake, get rid of the hat. At least shower. Have a shave. Some deodorant and mouthwash. Make an effort. Just because what you're saying is crap, you don't have to look like it.
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    Return of the Mysterious Universe Podcast

    They were promos for the old show. Heres one of them- As far as my forum name was..? I don't think I was on the MU forum from memory. If I was, I woudn't have been very vocal.
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    Return of the Mysterious Universe Podcast

    I did the two video teasers for the show. Will be interested in what Ben has in store.
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    July 19th, 2009 - Christopher O'Brien

    Hey Christopher, Were you a guest several years ago on the Louis Theroux Show "Weird Weekends" ? If so, how did you find that experience?
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    We Need Your Help!

    "Loud stupid bullies. Mostly fat, lazy white men with too much time on their hands, a radio microphone as a phallic enhancement near their lips, and hate hate hate dribbling out in sad, impotent spurts" Classic...Did Nancy write this? If so , she's ballsy.
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    An aliens taste in music

    Rolf Harris....just to mess with them
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    Anyone else notice all the new members all the time?

    "Anyone else notice all the new members all the time?" No...but I have noticed a shit storm brewing.....
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    Montauk project

    Allright, so I sat through all ten clips. My thoughts? Do not let these guys babysit your kids. Really fucking dodgy.
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    Montauk project

    WTF is George Lucas on about now....;)
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    David's revelation of an up close encounter

    I suggest we start a new religion....the old ones are shite
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    Is Bassett a reptilian? / +Show thoughts.

    There were a couple times when Bassett's voice changed a lot. When he got pissed off , it seemed to go into "Exorcist" territory . Anyone else notice this. Basically my take on the guy is that he needs to eat some ice-cream. He needs to have a couple of beers with some friends at his local...
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    Musical Interests

    How about Chris Whitley? also The Blue Nile
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    orange flash & missing time

    Hey mike I really appreciated you sharing your experience with us on the show. I agree, one of the better episodes. Love the illustrations as well. Have made this months desktop.