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    New Strange experience that just happened to me AND Hubby!

    I hope you don't take offense, but the day my wife, Lisa (which is what I call her) starts referring to me as "hubby", I will lop off my "member" and crawl into a hole to die. You know what comes after "hubby"? Matching sweaters and mugs. Very scary.
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    Best UFO Photographs According To David Biedny?

    Hang on. That's the old ceiling light fixture from my late Grandmother's bathroom. I'm sure of it. Now, why did it grow so large and why is it hovering over a lake? I'm pretty sure it was on a shelf in the garage last time I saw it.
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    Oh. My. God.

    Your'e doing it all wrong. You need to shove your head as far upp your a** as possible first. THEN you can see them all clearly. Elementary, of course.
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    Is Andrew D. Basiago really David Wilcock?

    Glad someone posted that. I only popped in to add this: Mr. Basiago seems like he might have some personal issues to focus on.
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    Paranormal State - Back From the Dead episode

    There's a bit in this show where they hear a noise in the attic, go up and find that it's just a roof ventilation fan spinning. Then one of them questions why it only started spinning when they went into the attic - that only a thin plywood attic door would not have kept it silent. Are they...
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    Alex Jones' The Obama Deception"The People Strike Back "

    Specifically, claiming to have black friends does not make you a non-racist. Having black neighbors says nothing at all. In addition, Gene made no suggestion that you were a racist, he just said that calling Obama a "piece of crap", rather than making a more intelligent comment was extreme. Are...
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    Dulce New Mexico, Alien Base?

    My 8 year old spends all day drawing. Anyone need any UFO proof? I can ask him to sketch some things up for a small fee. His first real job, how sweet.
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    New theory on 9/11 "Controlled Demolition"

    Wait. That is lumping 3 claims into one result. Not fair. My Father was an architect and a civil engineer, I grew up around demolitions and large-scale building projects. I've seen several controlled demos of tall-ish buildings and I know what I saw on the TV in NYC that day was controlled. The...
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    UFO Hunters getting better this season?

    Over the holidays, I saw a really great episode of UFO Hunters. In the past, I have been a bit of a critic of the show due to poor story selection (complete bull-crap stories like the guy who wrecked the plane in CA because of the UFO - we had a long thread about that long ago), really bad...
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    Dec. 28th show...." and stuff....".

    Well, if anything, I was trying to show the contrast between having an edge and just being pissed off at someone and venting angrily. My point was that Holzer had not actively done anything to anyone - she was only guilty of not wanting to listen to David's warning and of being a marginal guest...
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    Dec. 28th show...." and stuff....".

    Her actions, as described by you would warrant that label in this respect, and you even mentioned the fact that she would probably not listen to you...that's why I said someone else should reiterate this to her -she may be foolish and naive, but she does not deserve to be affiliated with Knell...
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    Dec. 28th show...." and stuff....".

    1) Yep, I am referring to 1/4, my bad, so to speak. 2) Get real? I'm as real as it gets, baby.
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    The Cowardly Bill Knell ----->mr.potatohead

    Mon, 7/14 : Chyna’s Chihuahua LAURER VS. KNELL Joanie “Chyna” Laurer paid a breeder $3500 for two puppies. Chyna says she never received the puppies and her money was never returned. Catherine claims she did give the money to a breeder for two puppies. But the breeder never gave her the...
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    Dec. 28th show...." and stuff....".

    Guys? So, 45 minutes into the show and so far nothing but talking about the previous episode and puffing up about how great you guys are. Look, I have always liked the show and have supported you guys both monetarily and via replies in other forums, but in this episode you've degraded into...
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    Dec. 28th show...." and stuff....".

    David, Honestly, I doubt she even "heard" you. We know that she was pretty anti-Paracast after her appearance - no need to go into whether it was her own fault or otherwise...that's irrelevant to this point. As such, she was very unreceptive to anything you had to say to her. As she seems...