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    Louis Jarvis

    He will have to grovel come the month of MAY, if he is wrong. In Fairness he spoke with such assurance that this would happen. So no harm nothing to lose. I have no problem waiting to see if this end of day Prophecy does take place or will i be already dead to notice it happened!!! I...
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    Marley Woods Unknown Creature

    The distance from were the photo was taken, does hinder our pursuit of figuring out what the animal might be or isn't. A Cougar is often seen roaming the landscape of Northern America and Canada. But what has got me confused here, is the thickness of the front legs of the animal compared to...
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    Marley Woods Unknown Creature

    If it is a dog it be a selective breed. The muscle tone of the animal or whatever it is can be clearly seen in the third enlargement photo that Ron posted. I doubt also the images are showing a Wolf like creature, mainly due to the obvious lack of hair. First impression it looks like a stray...