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    Radio Misterioso on Mothman and stuff...

    Just listened to the latest Radio Misterioso about mothman and... stuff... Radio Misterioso Andy Colvin: Mothman And Beyond I am just... wow... like... umm... I cannot express this any other way...
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    Kay'-Up to this Point

    I agree about the politics. I find it hard to listen sometimes because of that. It wouldn't be any different if it were "standard" left or far-left politics. The whole right-wing/left-wing thing is a clown show that just distracts us from what's really going on. Right-wing and left-wing...
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    Molten salt reactors and UFO

    Interesting... given the energy density of nuclear fuel, if the problems with putting a reactor in an aircraft could be overcome you could have an aircraft with very interesting capabilities. "Wasteful" modes of operation like hovering on pure downward thrust would not be an issue, since energy...
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    The Mad as Hell at BP Oil Thread

    ---------- Post added at 10:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:21 PM ---------- "Never attribute to malice what can be equally well explained by stupidity."
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    Bishop, Bosley - May 30th

    Count me in that camp. The guy reminded me uncomfortably of John Lear, including the "impressive" background with intel connections. Just because someone worked for the intelligence world, worked for the military, holds a high academic degree, or has done something great in one area in the past...
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    World's First Video Webcast to Call "E.T."

    For some reason this brings back to me a hilarious joke a physics prof of mine once told his class: SETI receives their first ever strong detection, and an international race is on among cryptographers, biologists, astronomers, physicists, and linguists to decode it. After years of work, the...
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    Yet more evidence as to why nobody takes UFOs seriously

    Courtesy of Whitley "you have made a courageous choice" Streiber: PHOENIX LIGHTS - Welcome to the Phoenix Lights Network
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    Bishop, Bosley - May 30th

    If you think of a theory first and then go look for evidence, you will always find it. Pick a random number from 0 to 100 and look for occurrences of it, and you'll find them everywhere. I don't think that means anything other than that the human brain is fantastic at pattern recognition and...
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    Source A Expose! A good read---Dr.Salla caught in a fib

    Oh... and I did forget to mention... that one picture they have in there... what has been seen cannot be un-seen.
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    What is skepticism to you?

    Skepticism means to me: being actively aware of why you think what you think, always questioning what you think, and being willing to change your mind (in either direction) based on quality evidence. It means having a greater commitment to being right than to being popular or feeling good. It...
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    Possible new energy source?

    I can make water burn too. Split H2O into hydrogen and oxygen, and then ignite the result. The only problem is that it takes energy to split H2O, and due to the second law of thermodynamics you get less "work" out of such a system then you put in. Splitting water can be a way of storing energy...
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    Source A Expose! A good read---Dr.Salla caught in a fib

    Hmm... colorful, tells different people different stories, has wacky sexual tastes, moves in "powerful" circles (or pretends to), hides his true identity, likes to pretend to be important, and likes to put one over on people? Yup, another con man. Popular misconception: not all con men are in...
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    It's official; Ghost Hunters fakes it

    The trouble with a paranormal TV show is that paranormal events are rare, and they do not appear to occur on command. Imagine Meteorite Hunters! Four astronomers show brilliant fireballs, meteors, and comets falling to Earth every week! Man would that be a snooze. See the problem? It would...
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    What if there are NO anomalous Ufos?

    I'm not sure that UFOs being alien spacecraft (the most popular hypothesis) requires any changes of that magnitude. It is possible to travel between stars using known physics (look up nuclear pulse drive, Project Orion, etc.), and we know for a fact that our stellar neighborhood contains many...
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    Greer: CSETI Snaps "First Ever Photograph of an Extraterrestrial"

    It's Bush!?!?! I knew it!