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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    So Astro, just because you don't know anyone with HIV or AIDS it makes it okay for a corrupt banker controlled Government to perpetually lie and claim drugs designed to kill them will help keep them alive, when in fact the correlation between HIV and AIDS does not match up? Don't misunderstand...
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    To touch on something Anibus said, (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong), about the mutated Syphilis theory is the only correlating link between HIV being spread sexually, whenever you go and get a supposed test for HIV they will automatically test you for Syphilis. But Astro just so you know, in...
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    I felt I should expand on what I mean controlled. I mean Monetarily controlled, since we live in a debt based society. Oh and Astro, you may want to look into watching the other side of AIDS, maybe you'll see the point we are trying to make here. As for Kary Mullis, his view is more that PCR...
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    Oh Astro. Your just as narrow minded as the rest of the unquestioning public. The quote from 1984 came about because appearently nobody knows where this quote came from, well it's pretty clear to me that the first person to say the probable cause of AIDS was Margaret Heckler in 1984, thus making...
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    The reason it matters is that if you refer to AIDS as a syndrome is people tend to get mad and tell you it's a disease, but if your really think about it no one has ever died of AIDS, people have died of complications resulting from AIDS, but never AIDS itself. The point is this, if AIDS is a...
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    Possibly, but I doubt it, if HIV causes an immune deficiency, then why don't other retro-viruses cause the same effects?
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    The Truth About The AIDS Virus

    HAHA! You guys have way to much time on your hands. AIDS is very much simpler then some complex, and at times hard to follow conspiracy theory. I do agree there is a conspiracy behind AIDS, but I highly doubt it is as complex as it is explained on this thread. Personally I believe that people...
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    HIV stands for Heresy In Virology, and AIDS really stands for Acquired Information Deficiency Scandal.
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    Aquired Information Deficency Scandal?

    This is more of a question, but doesn't it strike you a little odd that AIDS only occurs after HIV has been fought off by Anti-bodies? And why exactly is it that they test for anti-bodies and not for the actual virus? The reason I wonder is that I have recently thought about this topic since I...
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    The Private Banking Cartels

    I recently had a friend come up to visit me and he has recently discovered for himself what some people have been trying to tell us for years. It is simply this: The private banker's are the ones in control. I have know this for a few years now, ever since my last roommate showed me a...
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    Mandy the Haunted Doll

    About 3 years ago I had heard about a doll in the Quesnel Museum. Now this wasn't an ordinary doll, however, this doll was special! This doll was haunted! I heard first of the doll named Mandy from a friend, she had grown up in Quesnel, and she knew some of the history about the doll. What she...