Enjoy Music the OzePod Way

This is a perfect device for music lovers. With this tool, it will not matter where are. You can enjoy your tunes. It is a cool device for all folks whether you love picnics, parties or just hanging out in your backyard. The Ozepod Bluetooth speaker makes the outdoor party rocks. This speaker is well designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.  The device has a shade to protect your phone from outdoor conditions. What is fascinating about the Ozepod is that you don’t only listen to music but the shade keeps your beer or cool drinks chilled.

Key Features

The Ozepod is well-designed with amazing key features to make it unique from other outdoor speakers. It is equipped with small solar panels to charge the device and your phone using the USB.  It can play music for up to two days (50 hours) with worrying about being cut-off from grooving.

The device has four 8000 mAh batteries. All the control keys are water-resistant so you can enjoy your music in the rain at the pool or beach. It has an LED light provide light in the evening. The Ozepod body is made up of UV stable materials to resist any harm from direct sunlight.

Casinos and music have always had an inseparable relationship. You will be surprised how much impact music has on you when you visit online gambling sites. The sound quality is awesome, the sound system is specially engineered with 360-degree sound quality from two opposing speakers. The sound system comprises of 1-inch tweeter and 10w 3-inch speakers to disperse well bass- crispness balanced sound quality.  Bluetooth wireless connection enables the speaker to connect to a smartphone.

The Ozepod has a shaded to cover your phone and two drinks from sunlight. The pool- fence mount with 360® rotation ability to help protect your phone and drinks rather than being stationary. Another cool feature is two hooks for keys and remotes inside the shaded area. Pre-orders are now available from $127 with expected supply date in December 2017.


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