Chances to trigger the next Slot Online Jackpot

When you’re chatting to some people using an online casino, they may be playing poker, roulette or baccarat. They’re not always playing slots games. They may even get into the reason as to why they’re not playing slots games. This is because some people believe that jackpots on slots games don’t pay out.

This is admittedly a strange belief to have considering many people have won vast jackpots on games like Mega Moolah and such the like, but there you have it. A small minority of people using the casinos avoid the slots games for the reason that they believe the slots games will never pay out – play now at

It’s true that you won’t win every time, and if truth be told, the majority of people may go their whole lives without a big pay-out. Don’t despair though, even if you don’t win millions of pounds, you can still pick up nice pay-outs that make it worthwhile!

But are the nay-sayers right in any way? Can you calculate the odds to trigger the next jackpot? If there were a way of knowing, wouldn’t it stack the odds entirely in your favour?

RNGs (Random Number Generators)

First and foremost, online slot machine games are designed to work purely by chance. This means that the results are determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a mechanical algorithm in the game specifically designed to throw out a totally random result each and every time.

This disproves another common myth: The Gamblers’ Fallacy. The Gamblers’ Fallacy says that if you’ve flipped 19 heads in a row, the chances are that you’ll get tails on the 20th flip. Wrong. It’s always 50 / 50, and you’re just as likely to see heads again.

So, if you think you’re reading a sequence into how the machine is playing, the chances are that it’s purely coincidental.  

Understanding volatility

When you’re browsing through the slots content that an online casino has, it’s easy to just plump for the games that have huge jackpots. If you’re going to be lucky, it may as well make you a millionaire too, right?

Well, not always. Some gamers just go for the games that have smaller jackpots. Why? Generally, the smaller the jackpot is, the easier it is to win. This is all down to volatility, and is basically how slots games balance risk to reward ratio. That’s why you’re not reading about another weekly winner who has become a millionaire on Mega Moolah again. They won’t let you have their money too often!

Weigh up the size of the jackpot in comparison to the RTP percentage. This will let you know whether you’re likely on to a good thing or not.

What the boffins say about triggering jackpots 

If formulae are your thing and you see yourself much like a Russell Crowe character in A Beautiful Mind, you may be interested to see the mathematical breakdown of triggering jackpots in the excellent article How To Measure Your Odds of Winning at Slots.

How to to Measure Your Odds of Winning At Slots – Improving Your Jackpot Odds ( 

Broken down, the article calculates each specific scenario: 

It’s fascinating reading, and you can see that on average, by playing Mega Moolah for 6 hours, you’ll have a 1 in 333,333 chance of becoming a millionaire. 

Do you like those odds?