5 Worth Reading Betting Books

If you are new to the betting industry then you must be looking for something to get all the information about betting and its tips and tricks. Although there are a number of websites and blogs that you can read on the daily basis to get information about betting and how to get started with the process but, if you want in-depth information from the beginning to the end about betting then what you need is something thoroughly researched and well-written.

Today I am going to describe the 5 worth reading books that you should spend time on if you are really into betting. You can read the details about these books.

1.   Enemy Number One

A masterpiece by Patric Veitch is one of the bestselling books among betting enthusiasts. He, himself was a maths student at Cambridge and he wrote his achievements of betting. He described how he was able to earn ten million from the bookmakers in just eight years.

If you are interested in betting then you should definitely give this book a try. Although Veitch is not going to give you any of his secrets and tricks in his book but you will definitely pick a few things from this read that will be of utmost use for you in your betting profession. You should visit https://betenemy.com/en/ which is one leading bookmaker in the betting universe.

2.   The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup in Horse Racing History

This book covers the life story of Barney Curly who has been the most controversial person of the Horse Racing world. Nick Townsend is the writer of this book. If you are a punter than you are certainly going to like this read. If you are into horse racing and are inspired by Barney Curler then do try this book. Once you open it, it gets quite hard to put it down before finishing the whole lot.

3.   Betfair Trading Made Simple

It is an amazing book from caanberry itself and you cannot go without reading this one if you are totally a beginner in Betfair trading. Starting from describing about the Betfair to leading you all the way to place your first bet on the platform, you can learn so much from this book. Just start your Betfair betting career with this one and you will be amazed by the results.

4.   The Mental Game of Poker

This book by Jared Tendler is somewhat specific for poker lovers. As everyone knows that betting, no matter if its sports betting or poker, is a mentally challenging game. You have to be mentally strong to stay ahead of the competition and to be a winner. This book helps you focus on the mental strength that is needed for poker.

5.   The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling: Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks

If you are past the beginner level in trading then this book is for you as it contains some serious gambling stuff. Although it’s a heavy read but if you are a person who enjoys gambling then this book must be fun for you.


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