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Welcome - Bill Kousoulas

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Bill Kousoulas' interest in the paranormal began in the late 70s with the original Project UFO TV series that aired on Sunday night television. In 2003, he was introduced to The Mothman Prophecies movie, and it truly changed his life. Since then, he has read nearly all of John Keel’s research, as well as the works of similar authors including Gray Barker, Andrew Colvin, and Brent Raynes.

Since 2016, Bill and his wife Jaci have visited Point Pleasant regularly, and we have become friends with several area residents, including Mothman Museum curator Jeff Wamsley and the late Carolin Harris, co-founder of the Mothman Festival. Presently, Bill is completing his PhD in psychology, with a focus on post-traumatic growth. He and Jaci are also in the preliminary stages of a phenomenological study that will examine the correlations between paranormal experiences and post-traumatic growth. They reside in Northern Illinois.

We'll be covering topics such as:

  1. Bill's history with the paranormal
  2. History of the Mothman
  3. Alleged Chief Cornstalk Curse
  4. John Keel/Mary Hyre
  5. Sightings – Eye witnesses
  6. TNT area
  7. 1966-1967 Mothman “Flap”
  8. UFOs—Purple Lights and April Foolishness
  9. Indrid Cold-Woody Derenberger
  10. Prophecies: Apol/Agar
  11. Men In Black
  12. Jaye P. Paro/Mount Misery connection/ “The Big Breakthrough”/”The Big Blackout” compilations by Andy Colvin
  13. Silver Bridge Collapse
  14. Passing of Mary Hyre
  15. Recent sightings/Current Project
We'll be recording between 2 and 4 PM on Friday October 02, 2020
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